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SIN – What is it and how can I make one?

Last updated on December 17, 2023

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  • What is SIN?
  • Who will need a SIN?
  • When will you use it for?
  • Where & How can I apply to make one?
  • What should you do after receiving SIN?

What is SIN?

SIN is Social Insurance Number, it is a 9 digit number is provided by the Canadian government that you need to work in Canada and access to government programs and benefits. One Social Insurance Number is issued to only one person and cannot be used by another one. Read more information.

In its name contains “N” stands for Number, so we don’t say “SIN number”, just SIN.

Who will need a SIN?

  • Canadian citizen
  • Permanent resident (PR)
  • Temporary resident (Foreign workers and students). The number starts with the number 9.

Canadian citizens and Permanent residents’ number is different from Temporary residents. If you are a temporary resident and you become a PR or citizen, you need to apply to a new number. Citizens and PR’s number is permanent which means you don’t need to re-issue it.

When will you use it for?

  • For working
  • To open a bank account
  • For access to government programs and benefits
  • To apply for a loan
  • For tax payment

To avoid scammers, only provide your SIN after you are hired for a job and provide it to the employer’s office admin when you attend at the office. Don’t send it over emails.

Where & How can I apply to make one?

Every document must provide ORIGINAL documents; photocopies are not accepted.

List of documents that we need to prepare before applies: You are applying for yourself.

[icon name=”map-marker-alt”] WHERE?

Personally, I prefer applying Online. It is the easy and fastest way.

If you apply for your children, please read here: You are a parent or legal guardian applying on behalf of a minor

[icon name=”chalkboard-teacher”] HOW?

  • Apply online.
    • Click on the link above to access the instruction page. After that click on the “Apply online for a SIN” button.
    • Fill all information into boxes, the boxes with a red star are required, you must fill all these boxes.
  • By mail.
  • In-person.

What should you do after receiving your Social Insurance Number?

  • Social Insurance Registry stores your personal information if you change any of this information below, you should update with Social Insurance Registry.
    • Your name
    • Date of birth
    • Place of birth, and
    • Your parents’ names
  • Protect your Social Insurance Number as same as a banking account. This is because your Social Insurance Number is one of sensitive information, scammers could use your SIN to do something bad to you. You should only provide your SIN to employers or government departments.

[icon name=”exclamation-circle”] If your temporary SIN expires.

Temporary resident SIN card

If you are a foreign student or worker, your number starts with the number 9. This number has an issued date and will be expired. If it expires, you need to update your Social Insurance Number record to expand the issue date. Read:

  • And there are some more situation you may have, check this LINK for more information.
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